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Boat on Lake


Great companies last beyond their founders. We focus on honoring, preserving and enhancing your legacy. We are focused on long-term, sustainable growth, and will pursue this goal with unrelenting vigor and effort.


We are backed by private investors with sufficient available capital to provide sellers with liquidity at closing. Our team has capital ready to invest in the right opportunity and is committed to closing the transaction as quickly as possible, generally within 60 to 90 days.


We appreciate the strong employee ties that exist when a business has been in a family for generations or when a company has been nurtured by its founder. We believe that employees are a company’s most valued asset, and that maintaining strong relationships with existing management teams is critical for long-term success.


We conduct all transactions with an intense focus on integrity, professionalism and confidentiality. We understand the concerns of privately-held and family-owned business owners. Our management team will ensure the owner experiences a smooth transition and leaves the transaction satisfied with all aspects of the deal.


We work in partnership with sellers to structure transactions that best meet the seller’s ambitions, lifestyle and estate planning needs. We are open to owners retaining an ongoing equity stake and our continuing involvement with the company.​​


Our operating team brings management and financial experience along with sound, tested leadership skills. The management team will be actively running the business’s day-to-day operations and has a vested interest in the company’s success.

100% Dedication of time,
energy, and resources to a single company

Partner with your current
employees and customers to start growing on day one

Build upon the legacy of your company with current
employees to achieve
sustainable growth while
increasing profitability

Readily available capital
from experienced
operators, entrepreneurs,
and successful investors
to uniquely position the
company for future success

Flexible terms to reach best deal for the seller

Long Term

Subsidiary of a larger entity

Incorporate your business into parent company

Extract most valuable
points of your business
and absorb them into
parent company

Company statements,
unknown to seller

Terms depend on goals of the parent organization


Private Equity

3-5 years on average


Post-Closing Direct Action

Organizational Goal


Deal Terms

Time Horizon

Founder Legacy Partners

Founder Legacy Partners Exit vs the Alternatives

Strategic Buyout

One business amongst a larger portfolio

Start looking for another deal to sell the acquired business

Cut costs, add debt, reduce employee count, and position company for exit

Institutions with strict
investment mandates on returning shareholders capital over success. Over
leverage acquisitions to
enhance returns

Pre-refined deal terms to maximize future worth and limit the risk towards the private equity fund

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